Norwegian stamps in honor of national football association

In April 2002 Norway issued a new brand message to celebrate the hundred years since he founded the Football Association of Norway. Anniversary of the round table and the ball, and it was necessary to mark a circle - for the first time in Norway. Postage norwegian stamps (popular european stamps) were issued in a total of 1.3 million booklets, each of which contains 8 stamps on the tour. They are self-adhesive and the nominal value of NOK every 5:50. In conclusion, the whole book is the work of designer Enzo finger. These stamps are four different cases. Today, 325,000 girls and boys, women and 1800 men were members of the clubs linked to the Norwegian football. Norway, which is the largest sports associations.

On Saturday, 13 April, the national survey will be launched to find the greatest moments in the history of Norwegian football. At a time when the most votes will be the subject of the new issue of stamps on October 20, 2002. Four different stamps in this booklet is the result of the nature of competition among the Norwegians. One of the motives and shows to identify the key rule of football. Having done much investigation of motives and Norway Post (releaser of this european stamps), the first thought is that the Norwegian government, but soon turned to a German judge Peter Hertel in Berlin. G. Hertel has seen a lot of attention from the press, and because it led to knowledge, but it is a very athletic needs, it is also a good athlete. It is very rare to photograph the nature of the Norwegian when I was still alive, and more especially by the country.