Statue of Liberty Stamp has Las Vegas Replica Featured

Stamp collectors might be happy about the recent US Postal mix up on the Statue of Liberty stamps that were issued back in December 2010 because the image is a photo of the replica from Las Vegas' New York-New York Hotel and Casino instead of the original. It wasn't until a month ago that a stamp collector pointed this out.

So a good mistake like this could be a stamp collectors delight. In the press release issued by the US Postal Service back in December 2010, they describe the Statue of Liberty stamp as a close-up photograph taken by Raimund Linke of the Statue of Liberty located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor.

Statue of Liberty stamp is photo of Las Vegas Replica

According to theLA Times, Roy Betts, manager of community relations for the Postal Service in Washington, said that the image was picked from a stock photo clearing house and it does appear to be of a photo of the Las Vegas replica. The painted black windows is one way to tell it was a photo of the replica versus the real Statue of Liberty in New York.

The Statue of Liberty stamps are the Forever Stamps. So if you happen to have some of these Statue of Liberty stamps that you haven't used yet, you might reconsider saving them for collecting purposes.

The “Lady Liberty” stamps are available to purchase online at USPS website.