Pick Your Favourite Croatian Stamp

Stamp collecting is a serious business to some, but it can also be a lot of fun. Over the course of a year we see hundreds of stamps issued by postal operators from around the world and sometimes feature one or two on Hellmail, but here is your chance to vote for the best postage stamp produced by Croatian Post - and it only takes a minute or two of your time

Over the past twenty years, European postal operator Hrvatska Posta (Croatian Post) has issued 793 postage stamps, displaying a wide variety of motifs. From history, literature, music to sport, science and nature, each motif was carefully selected, guided by a wish to create stamps of lasting value and contribute to Croatian culture.

For the past 14 years Croatian Post has encouraged people to choose their favourite stamp, or which they felt was the most attractive, from the previous year.

This time it inviting everyone and anyone to choose the most beautiful stamp issued by Croatian Post in 2010. Voting is simple and you don't need to live in Croatia. Just log on to the Croatian Post website and cast your vote for the stamp you like the most. And if you need an incentive, Croatian Post is giving away prizes for the luckiest participants, such as commemorative Croatian postage stamp albums and new theme sets.

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