Alderney Stamps - short history

Alderney was known as Aurigny in some cases, and it is still unknown as is the case in such as France. In fact, the small local airline named Norman of old, although it is believed that this plane than any of the modern era. The island has never made a special mark, or in fact, it is the same postal administration, but many stamps issued with the name of Alderney or the name of it. As is the case with Jersey and Guernsey, the British stamps used from 1840 to 1969 with the exception of the German occupation. Alderney are one of more popular european stamps.
Revenue stamps were the first stamps, and not for mail, but stamp duty, taxes, and were in use in January 1923 to April 1962.

Commodore Shipping Company Limited announced that e-mail ship between Alderney and Guernsey between 1962 and 30 September 1969th In addition to the package delivery services in agreement with the Alderney State and Government Sark.The company issued stamps or labels for the transport used for this, these issues consists of the final and Europe, and the period since 1964 and introduced minisheets.

While it is true that some use to transport packages as well as the fact that this issue is from 1964 onwards Europe print and signed under the control of London wholesale stamps and a large number of similar cases, as well as a large number of items, errors, and groups imperf, trials and evidence of overprinting would appear that these issues solely on the collectors market marks. In October 1969 Alderney Shipping Company took packages of services, and only issuing two style tags. These were withdrawn in 1975. Alderney and package delivery service was established in 1974 to transfer packets to and from the island. Stamps issued for the first time this year used a combination of rubber stamps, printed on the typewriter, and items, with catalog available in 1975. In 1984, after the cessation of questions Alderney has issued their own stamps. Delivery of services and continued in 1990 and appeals are still continuing today.

Other issues are the labels, balloon race. President Ronald Reagan Post, United States of Alderney Local Post 1991, island of Alderney Week labels and stickers, all the questions short no postal validity. June 1983 Guernsey Post Office stamps for use in Alderney and is in Guernsey. Birds were the subject of the first group memorial Alderney 12th June 1984, 5 May 1994 for the first character of the manual, with the first minisheet '50th anniversary of the return of people Alderney November 16th 1995. Search more of Alderney stamps, they have rich european stamps history.