History of postage stamps

Stamps are not always necessary to send messages. The first postal service in China, dating from 4000 BC, Egypt and Assyria established postal services around 3000 BC The first letters were written on clay tablets and sealed in clay envelopes. Students believe the court performs these messages, which conversation was limited to those of high rank, and kings. Brands as we know today are not found until european stamps. Until the 1840th Before that time, sent letters in ink and the recipient pays the delivery of this letter. Seals came in 1661, thanks to Bishop Henry. Bishop first to use the concept of seals in the London General Post Office. And "Bishop marks" listed in the month and send the letter. This term later became known as the ring.
In 1837, he invented the British teacher Roland Hill's first adhesive postage stamp. Hill won the title of knighthood for his invention. Hill credits the development of unique and postal rates, which led to the advance payment by mail and postal services.

The first adhesive postage stamp to be released in the UK and the Penny Black is a file of Queen Victoria, was engraved. He was released on May 6, 1840th This is the first case of paper for stamps, it is 240 marks for the paper and they all had to be disposed of stamps. Queen Victoria kept files on all British stamps for 60 years to come. The session of parliament in 1851, issued by one of Mr. Archer perforated stamps in the House. The British government, as well as recognition of a good thing when he saw one, Mr. Scorer 4000 pounds patents. The first official perforated stamps were issued in January 1854. After you create a character in the UK, Brazil, and a special stamp issue in the 1843rd And other countries followed suit, and use the brand in the world, but not at the international level. I used stamps for the exchange of the Interior, and even their names not printed on the stamps. Universal Postal Union, which was founded in 1874, specific requirements for production and distribution of stamps, one of those needs that are countries of origin of the name brand. This regulation, however, does not apply to Britain marks. A copy of the genetic identification of lead is enough.

Panama Canal, which was built in Panama, as a result of the artist license. U.S. Government in 1900, plans to build a canal through Nicaragua. Unfortunately, the character is from Nicaragua have shown potential as a location where they live active volcano. He is an active volcano, but the artist has taken liberties and showed speuing volcano of fire and lava. Considering the stamps, and transmitted pressure groups of Panama, the U.S. refused to put the channel in Nicaragua, and instead opted for Panama. Most popular postage stamps are american and european stamps.